About Us

The beginning for us was 1977. We purchased King Lumber from Mr. King, who, after many years, was preparing to retire. This King Lumber yard has been in operation since the 1890s, functioning continuously for more than 100 years.

Our Growth

A major reason for our growth is our commitment to stocking large and varied amounts of inventory. We are truly a full-service yard. We have sufficient inventory on hand to supply a builder with the materials he needs, whether he is building one house or several houses at one time.

During the course of a year, we sell enough lumber to stretch from coast to coast. Our inventory is complete, from the foundation to the roof. That inventory includes interior and exterior doors, windows, interior and exterior trim, siding, insulation, sheet rock, trusses and roofing. In other words, we carry everything from ‘soup to nuts.’

Personalized Service

We are not a department store, we are a personalized lumber service. Not only are we involved in construction, we work directly with the building community, from the small builder to the largest developer and we service homeowners as well.

Knowledge, Quality, Competitive Prices

The management of King Lumber follows what they describe as a very simple formula for business success. They concentrate in the three main areas customers deem important. Those are

a) knowledgeable, professional service
b) quality, name brand materials
c) competitive prices


Our staff is the best, service-oriented sales team in this area’s building supply business. Our salespeople are experienced, trained specialists. Each salesperson specializes in a different part of our business. We have sales people who specialize in the framing of a house, millwork, windows and decorative, upscale hardware.


We send our sales people to manufacturer training seminars. They attend window seminars, millwork seminars, and engineered wood seminars. In addition, our manufacturers’ reps are here every week. The reps do a good job of keeping our sales specialists up-to-date on a one-to-one basis. They supply new product literature, inform us about new products and constantly update us on new construction techniques.

Best Quality Products

We guarantee our customers the best in quality building products. The industry recognized products we stock. We deal with many prime mills and pine and molding companies.
When a builder is looking for the finest in lumber and millwork at the most competitive price, that builder will inevitably come to King Lumber. We are very proud that through hard work, extensive training and attention to detail, we have made King Lumber a landmark in the building supply business for our area.

We are one of the largest building industry suppliers in Westchester County, so when builders think of lumber, they always think of King Lumber.